Using Nature Challenge

I was struck with a thought yesterday. It was an interesting thought. But it also could be something that means absolutely nothing. What do I do? Something brave. I’m tossing the question in your hands.

So essentially, as a volunteer, I get to meet and talk with amazing people every weekend. You might be thinking, “Who do you volunteer for, NASA?”

Nope. Just a small, basic nature center. I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head how many deer we have, or how many native Illinois plants we have growing.

But I can tell you, that this place is magical. Why? I have no idea. People just seem to love it. And if something works, don’t change it, right?

So who are these amazing people I get to talk to when I’m volunteering? Oh you know them I’m sure. I’ll test you, ok? Read on.

Amazing People

The awesome people I get to meet and greet are amazing because their simple. Haven’t you heard? Simple is superb!

It’s the wonderful family with five kids who are regulars. They come with smiles n their faces and exciting children ready to show me something they saw outside on their walk.

It’s the quiet couple who comes in for the first time and have never seen bees up close before, so they ask questions about it. You get to start a conversation with someone you just met, about bees! How cool is that?

It’s the elderly man who comes in every Sunday morning for his walk and brings in the paper. After his walk, he might sit for awhile and chat with me about the weather. Sometimes his grandkids fly in for a visit and I get to meet them.

It’s the things I hear every weekend. Things like, “Oh we love this place! We come as often as we can!” or, “I never knew a place like this existed so close to me!” “It’s my second home!” and “I feel like I’ve stepped into another world.”

Wow! Those are huge compliments to get. And as a volunteer and a writer, I feel like it is important to share those things with others. Snd these are people who are all using nature to benefit themselves. They go for a walk or attend classes, whatever. The point is their getting out there.

Is this something we should all be trying?


Utilizing Nature Challenge

So again, what is it exactly that keeps everyone coming back? Maybe the nature that is so close by. In an urban setting, it can be refreshing to find a place of peace and tranquility for free!

Do you live in a place that is close to nature? If so maybe you see the difference it plays in your life, community, or overall life. I think city residents especially are looking for a place like the Nature Center. To almost hide away from the hustle and bustle of work, city, and any other anxieties and just enjoy yourself.

That’s really what I personally think the Center is. It’s a beautiful place to come and enjoy yourself. Snd that’s gotta be a quick seller with anybody, right?

I could be wrong too. These are just my humble observations. It could be a load of other things I might not be considering.

So what about you? Why does nature make a difference in your life? Are you surrounded by it in your residence or do you have to travel to find it? How do you actively make time for nature? Are there different ways you can use nature, like attending a class about something that interests you?

If you don’t make enough time for nature, please start doing it. Seriously, it makes all the difference. It doesn’t have to be too hard, A simple walk around the park is great! If you decide to do this, you can selfies of you in your favorite place in nature.

Post it on Facebook or Instagram. Create your own hashtag. I’m starting my own called, utilizing nature. You can too. Let’s see how many people will respond and share it too!

Please put your answers in the comment box below. I’m really looking forward to exploring this some more. If I get a positive and large response, I will share it with others and write another post about what I’ve learned from all of you. I’ll title that post: Utilizing Nature!

That is your challenge! Good luck and let’s have some fun, utilizing nature.

God Bless!

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