What’s Springing Up?

The Nature Center pond in the evening.

I can finally say with confidence that spring is here! (Yes, that includes rain.) So what exactly will you be finding in our preserve throughout these upcoming months of April to June?

Here’s a short list:

A large variety of colorful flowers and plants such as violets, daffodils, cone flowers, milkweed, and more.

Tadpoles will be popping up around the pond. It’s pretty exciting to watch them change from little black dots with tails, to full grown green frogs!

Bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinating friends can be seen dancing from flower to flower. Many butterfly species fly through the preserve like cabbage, admiral, swallowtail, and monarchs.
Our Nature Center has a special job to do with these monarchs butterflies and you can find out more about that in my future post in June-July.  So please stay tuned!

Fawns (baby deer) can be spotted trotting about the preserve as well. Does (female deer) can give birth to about two fawns a year. The spots on the fawns side and back are keys that tell us just how young they are.
I will be posting a whole lot more information about the deer through the seasons in the next few months.

Geese and ducks are giving birth now too! All around the wetland area you can see two proud parents walking along with a trail of adorable, small, fluffy, mischief makers behind them. They will be staying with their parents for the next few months while learning survival skills like feeding, swimming, and flying. I would say they grow faster than children! I for one am happy that kids don’t grow up in a span of four or five months.

Finally, a few critters that will be popping up when the sun goes down include, raccoons, possums, skunks, bats, owls, coyotes. These guys are nocturnal, meaning night dwelling creatures. Although you may spot some of them in the day, their active hours are after the sun goes down. This is when they do most of their hunting and prowling. Our preserve is open from 10 am- 4 pm. so it may be difficult to spot them.
However, on the last Friday of the summer months, we have Late Great Nocturnal Night. The preserve stays open from 4 pm- 8 pm. Visitors can drop in later and discover all the exciting activity that goes with these late night critters.

So there you have it! These are the flora and fauna you are most likely to see in our beautiful spring months. Take a look around your nearest preserve and see if you can discover any of these plants and animals on the list. Please let me know what you find, and come visit our Nature Center. Surprises are always waiting! To find out more information on our free programs, please call the Nature Center at 312-744-5472.

I’d also like to wish everyone a Blessed Resurrection Sunday! May your holiday be bright, safe, and full of happiness! God Bless!


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